Monday, 14 April 2014

The Flower

Ah! But look at this flower now,
inhale it, and let it tickle your brow.
I smelt it first and now you too,
and now in us, does the scent brightly brew.
But you tell me this cannot be;
against all virtue, against any plea.
This flower gave such pretty scent;
In both of us does this perfume ferment,
so tell me why should we have to repent?

And now this scent we both do share,
Shouldn't we say we have no time to spare?
This flower is our love entwined
in us. We should take our love and combine.
It may be frowned upon for us,
but should we waste time to talk and discuss?
You want to pluck each petal off,
you think it folly, so you sit and scoff.
But these petals you pluck are your clothes: doff.

You offed the petals and killed it
hoping that doing so would make us split.
But as it was just a flower,
over us it did not have any pow'r
We can no longer smell the scent,
but we should not have worries or resent.
It was nothing to us at all
just something I used to charm and enthrall,
and so for us I hope love does befall.

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