Tuesday, 24 July 2012

two new poems!

I have two new poems! the first one is longer then the second one.
Here they are:

No doctor or man can
Stop the bleeding,
This wound can’t be
Healed by the hand.
This heart needs to
Be mended,
It’s wounded and
Falling apart.
I brought this 
Upon myself,
I know,
But I wanted a
Quick fix of love.
It held this heart
Together for awhile,
But it’s fallen
To pieces now. And there’s
To many to pick up
By myself.
My hearts now
On the ground
In pieces for all to see.
And I hope that
Someday, someone
Will come and
Help pick up the
Broken pieces.

 Here's the second one:

Your heart will forever
Be in mine.
I will think of you
All the time.
Even if we don’t end
Up together,
Know that I will love
You forever.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New poem!

Just a little note about this poe: I AM NOT DEPRESSED!! lol! i just write what rhymes and what comes to mind!

I can't contain
This pain.
It's pulsating through
My veins.
My composure I try
To maintain,
But the voices inside
Aren’t sane.
I look back on memory lane,
And realize I’m
On the wane.
This pain
Is tied to me
Like a chain.
And the only way to
Put out this flame,
Is when it comes time
To rain.

Hope you enjoyed it! And again, I AM NOT DEPRESSED!! lol! :)