Monday, 7 November 2011

Taylor Swift

 Beauty at its best,
Is quite hard to find.
But when I look at her,
I know she is divine.

When I hear her name,
I get some hope.
When I see her face,
I want to elope.

If it was Christmas,
I wish she'd be my
Hoping and praying,
That with morning comes

Sunday, 6 November 2011


In typing this I am procrastinating! I really don't feel like doing the homework that I have to do, so
 instead I am writing on my blog to "take a break from work"! Well, i bet you can relate! I really don't like humanities class and the essay that I have to do is so unlegit! I really don't like that class! Although the teacher has tried to help me a bit with my topic, it has been to no avail. Each time he helped me, it just made the topic get harder!
My essay is on Neo Nazism in the Canadian military and I'm having such a hard time researching/writing stuff about it!
I guess I've procrastinated long enough and now it is back to homework -___-

That's all for now,